On the Goniospectrophotometer Machine:

ISOCOLOR’s GONIO projects separate our goniospectrophotometer instruments from all others. We rely on a top pool of scientists mastering color physics and optical design and sharing collective experiences to pull this off.

Our teams implement the latest and most advances discoveries in optics and robotics to building machines that go beyond standard performance (true out-of-plane measurement, speed of measurement).

As the saying goes, “if you can measure it, you can manage it.” Is this true when one color signature is made up of 100 points or when you have 100 characterization models?

On Effect color management intelligence:

The Gonio measurements capabilities result in millions of color data however they would not be as interesting if our machines did not have a compelling power of analysis that is the software that pilots the gonio and compute this ocean of information.

ISOCOLOR offers superior color control and visualization software programs. These QA charts and rendering programs in 3D are incomparable assets to communicate about color assessment, put ideas and concept into shape. Being able to analyze data and make sense of it instantly results into accelerating color communication and reduce the interpretation errors, miscommunication.