3G Cosmetics

ISOCOLOR has been serving the leaders in the color cosmetic market with color technology tools and consulting to create the color systems that will support product innovation and high quality standards.

Here you will find a list of projects our application specialists have been working on to deliver custom solutions to colorists in the beauty & personal care market:

  • Coloring perfume in transmission
  • Match bulk lipstick and correlate with application on drawdown card
  • Gloss correction (pencil)
  • Pearl matching (nail varnish, lipstick, powders...) based on mono-angle, multi-angle or gonio characterizations using a Goniospectrophotometer
  • Equal quality with formula containing or not a white pigment
  • Quality of recipes independent of the number of pigments
  • Dynamic match: new match based on history
  • Pigment files creation for foundation, make-up, hair dye...
  • Discover a protocol for color measurement (sample display, repeatability & reproducibility )