Compatible with multi-angle spectrophotometers and gonio-spectrophotometers, ISOMATCH FX analyzes color effects under different incident and viewing angles. The information collected and displayed includes directionality, sparkle, graininess, particle size...

Taking into account all the data collected by the measure of pertinent angles, ISOMATCH FX software offers a choice of color recipes to effectively match colors. Formula results are displayed by dE*, price and metamerism to select the optimum combination of effect pigments and base.

In production ISOMATC FX ensures that every batch is within the color standard. If a batch is off the color tolerance settings, ISOMATCH FX automatic or manual correction allows for a quick and efficient color adjustment.

ISOCOLOR uses a proprietary methodology and calculation model to effectively match color in the fastest and most color-correct way. Using a level of sophistication that involves multi-tiered data pulls and precise algorithms, ISOMATCH FX is truly the avant-garde software for matching color at the highest level of quality.