3G Paint

ISOCOLOR with the 3G PAINT Suite of software programs is reinventing computer color matching for the paints and coatings industries.
In addition to the performance of the proven ISOMATCH software with its precision in color recipes calculations, the 3G Suite stands out for its intuitive interface and advanced capabilities.
The ISOMATCH color matching engine is at the heart of all 3G modules which benefit all players in the paint color chain from brand owners to fabricators. Match color palettes in all markets: architectural, POS, industrial, coil-coating, automotive, powder coatings, varnishes...
The 3G is quick to customize to the needs of beginners or experts. ISOMATCH offers color matching for all applications (opaque, transparent/ wood stains or translucent/ lasure) and integrate every color operation process. The interface of the 3G formulation software offers efficient software navigation. Application - specific modules includes:


This module is used for paint batch matching of new color palettes or new clients’ standard colors. The ISOBOOK automatically matches an entire set of colors.


In this module a wizard guides the user to set up the paint production process and dispensing system. ISOPAINT’s settings define paint qualities, bases (white/colored) and can sizes.


Decorative Paint Formulation software for stores / point of sales (POS). ISOSHOP is connected to dispensing system. ISOSHOP software features include:
  • Statistics module: data management of materials, formulas. Access to tinting machines information. Build market analysis to anticipate stock management and market trends.
  • Search criteria include: Select a material, a timeframe and display the volume of colors spent for this period. Consumption of bases and what is used by each machine.
  • Color visualization: choose calculated from the selected base.
  • Access the folders with measurements of the competitive fan decks.
  • Look up function with filters or by folders/ subfolders (resin type, fan deck…).
  • Correction function included in the POS.
  • Brilliance/ gloss correction function in the POS.