3G Plastics

ISOCOLOR with the 3G PLASTICS Suite of software programs is reinventing computer color matching for all pigment industries.

TECHNOLOGY and Features:

  • Color formulation results come from a single database calibrated with opaque, transparent, translucent, effects samples measured in reflectance, transmittance, over white and over black.
  • Multi-theory color matching synthesis of Kubelka-Munk + Lambert-Beer + Many-flux.
  • Speed and quality of 1st hit formulation and correction with 4 intelligent Multi-Flux calculation engines: 1, 2, 4 and 32 Flux. Classification of formulas by precision, price, delta and metamerism.
  • Pigment loading optimization to reduce cost of (just) opaque formula ( 98% < CR < 99.9%).
  • Virtual Color Library Builder of the entire color space.
  • Real-time database networking enabled with SQL Server.
  • ISORESIN: Module to Match in resin2 with existing K&S pigment file prepared in resin1
  • ISOPIGMENT: Function that substitutes a pigment by a new pigment in a color library.
  • ISOEXPERT: Expert color system to define color strength qualities and specific characteristics for each material characterized in the database.
  • COLOR Library: Look-up function to identify in a database the colors (curve + formula) that are close to a target.
  • MEASUREMENT: Verification of spectrophotometers accuracy, drift correction.